12 jQuery Image Cropping Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 12 jQuery image crop or resize plugins. These plugins comes with easy to use interfaces to crop images, and they also support responsive cropping, image uploading and drag and drop of selected area for cropping, live preview and touch gestures.

Cropper is a jQuery plugin for image cropping which supports live previews and custom aspect ratios. The plugin displays a resizable grid on top of an image, allowing to visually resize and crop the image.

Responsive Cropper is a jQuery plugin that lets you select an area from an image and prepare crop information to send it to the server. You don't need to trigger any event to update the crop area when an image is resized: this plugin is fully responsive. Crop area uses percentages to guarantee full responsiveness, while crop data is stored separately in absolute values.

3. CropIt

CropIt is a jQuery plugin for image cropping and zooming. It loads images locally via FileReader, and crops them using canvas. It works on desktop and mobile with touch support.

Cropbox is a lightweight jQuery image cropping plugin that creates a viewport around a given image allowing to move, zoom, resize and crop an image.

Select Areas is a jQuery plugin that let you select multiple areas of an image, move them and resize them.

easyCrop is a jQuery plugin used to effectively resize and crop an image. It doesn't allow the user to crop the image but based on the settings it displays the cropped image on screen.

imgFitter is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to resize and crop images dynamically. This allows images to fit any web layout while maintaining aspect ratio & centering.

Simple Cropper is a jQuery plugin which gives you ability to add cropping functionality to your web application. It uses HTML5 canvas and CSS3 to create cropped images, so it only works on latest browsers.

Drag'n'Crop is a jQuery plugin for cropping images by dragging, inspired by Facebook cover photo. It aims to be minimalistic and very easy to use for the end-user. It allows to crop the image only in one dimension (no zooming!)

10. Croppic

Croppic is an image cropping jQuery plugin that will satisfy your needs and much more. It is supported on all current browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and Opera.

Smartcrop.js implements an algorithm to find good crops for images. It can be used in the browser, in node or via a CLI. It uses fairly simple image processing and a few rules to attempt to create better crops of images.

PhotoClip is a jQuery image cropping plugin that allows to zoom, rotate and crop your image with support for touch gestures.

10 jQuery Plugins for EU Cookie Law Notification Popup

These days almost all the websites are using cookies to store information in your browser. And as per the EU cookie law, it is advisable to let your user know that your website is creating cookie. In this post, find a complied list of 10 lightweight and customizable jQuery plugins to display cookie law notification. These plugins allows you to display notification on top of the page or on bottom of the page.

herbyCookie is a simple, customizable jQuery plugin that displays an animated EU cookie disclaimer bar at the bottom of the web page and stores the 'Accept' state in the local storage using HTML5 web storage API.

A jQuery based EU Cookie Law Notification Plug-in for alerting the users about the use of cookies on your website that help you comply with the EU Cookie Law.

Qookies is a jQuery plugin that displays your cookies disclaimer in a popup window to make your website comply with the EU cookie law.

Cookie Disclaimer is a lightweight jQuery plugin which loads a disclaimer bar where you can show some custom text and buttons. You can choose style, buttons classes and id, cookie expire time, cookie name and more. This plugin provide also some useful methods and ready to use buttons for several uses.

CookieBanner is a jQuery plugin that displays customizable and dismissible EU Cookie Law Notice on your web page.

Cookies Message is a really simple and fully customizable jQuery plugin to easily show the EU Cookies Law banner on the website. It is responsive and supports custom cookie expire time to remember the user's choice.

An easy-to-install jQuery plugin to create EU Cookie Law popups. It supports multiple layouts out of the box. Works well with Bootstrap 3. Easy to customize markup and CSS.

Divas Cookies is EU Cookie Policy Banner generator as a jQuery plugin. The quickest and most elegant solution to be compliant with EU Cookie Policy. Easily and fully customizable to get the look & feel of any website.

cookieBar is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin for creating a notification bar that is dismissible, and  the dismiss is saved by cookie. Perfect for implementing the new EU cookie law!

CookieCuttr is a tailorable jQuery plugin to deal with the EU Cookie Law.

13 jQuery Plugins to Create One Page Scroll

Single page applications or one page scroll websites are new and very popular trend these days. These websites look quite attractive while using vibrant colors to catch the attention of the user. In this post, find a compiled list of 13 jQuery plugins to create one page scroll website or give feel of SPA. These plugins are tiny, easy to use and support various HTML elements to implement one page scroll.

fullPage is a simple and easy to use plugin to create full screen scrolling websites (also known as single page websites or one page sites). It allows the creation of full screen scrolling websites, as well as adding some landscape sliders inside the sections of the site.

Stackpage is a very small jQuery one page scroll plugin which enables you to scroll through a group of fixed page sections just like stacked cards.

A simple jQuery plugin to create full page scrolling effect for your full screen pages or single page web application.

AppLikeOnePage.js is an easy-to-use jQuery plugin for quickly building one page layout without the scroll bar. By supporting basic keyboard browsing, this handy JavaScript function helps not only create a stylish and app-like web page swiftly but also enhance web accessibility thus bring about a better user experience.

SectionScroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin for automatically generating a side bullet navigation on your one page scrolling website. Click on the navigation to scroll smoothly through different sections, automatically selects the correct navigation items.

SmartScroll is a responsive and lightweight jQuery plugin that provides smooth full screen page scrolling with support for auto hashing and scroll snapping behavior.

Scroller is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin made for one page website or SPA applications. It adds a sticky navigation menu which allows to navigate between different sections of website pages.

8. Rustic

Rustic is a simple albeit powerful jQuery plugin for creating elegant page by page scrolling.

magneticScroll is a lightweight, cross-browser compatible and customizable jQuery plugin to implement one page scroll. It works on any HTML element and supports mouse scroll & arrow keys interaction.

10. Alton

Alton is a jQuery-powered scrolling plugin that utilizes custom vertical scrolling effects in order to present and navigate through web content in a unique manner. It utilizes the whole scrolljacking idea, but greatly improves upon the often-poorly-implemented scrolljacking experiences you might be used to.

11. Stacks

Stacks is a simple jQuery plugin used to reveal stacked content sections when vertical page scrolling.

RowScroll is a super tiny (1.5kb) jQuery plugin which automatically scrolls visitors up and down to different vertical sections of your webpage when they use their mouse scroll wheels, track pads, and finger swipes on mobile devices for your one page website and single page applications.

OnePageR is lightweight jQuery plugin which offers single page slides template with minimal code, maximum flexibility, full screen slides and support arrow keys as well.

10 jQuery Vimeo Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of jQuery plugins to integrate Vimeo videos in your website. These plugins allow you to create Vimeo background as video, customize them, create Vimeo videos playlists, embed them easily in your website, create animated video thumbnails and more.

1. Vimeofy

Vimeofy is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin which uses a Vimeo video as the background of any container element.

2. Vimelar

Vimelar is a jQuery plugin that allows Vimeo videos to be used as full screen backgrounds on your websites.

Vimeo.API.js is a lightweight jQuery wrapper around the Vimeo video API which allows you to control Vimeo videos embedded in your webpage with custom jQuery methods and events.

vimeo-cover.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps embed a Vimeo video with custom cover image into your webpage. Only when the cover is clicked does it fetch the iframe Vimeo player.

Smart Vimeo Embed is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to embed the Vimeo videos with thumbnails on your website, just by adding their id to the data-vimeo-id attribute. 

Compile videos from Vimeo into a chic gallery with jQuery. Unlike Youtube, Vimeo does not allow you to create custom playlists to display your videos. A plugin that creates a carousel with information coming from Vimeo when passing a list of video URLs, and videos can be seen prominently on the page. 

PreVideoLoad is a super tiny jQuery plugin that gets and displays thumbnail previews of the Vimeo videos on the web page. When you click on the play button, the preview image will be replaced by the auto playing iframe Vimeo video.

Video Lightning is a highly customizable jQuery lightbox plugin that allows you to play Vimeo videos in a stylish lightbox interface.

This video plugin for jQuery allows you to control HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo videos with the same functions and the same syntax.

10. Plyr

A simple, accessible and customizable HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo media player.

15 jQuery Sticky HTML Element Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 15 jQuery plugins that can be used to create sticky headers, footers, sidebars or navigation. Some of the plugins in list below allow you to stick any DOM element. These plugins are light-weight and easy to integrate.

1. Headhesive

Headhesive.js creates an on-demand sticky header. Specify where you want your header to become fixed and the rest is magic.

2. Midnight

A jQuery plugin that switches between multiple header designs as you scroll, so you always have a header that looks great with the content below it.

MakeFixed.js is a jQuery plugin to dynamically set up elements to be fixed during scroll. It's lightweight and allows callback functions.

Sticky-Kit provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls such that the element is always visible.

5. stickUp

stickUp is a jQuery plugin that "sticks" an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling, always keeping it in view. This plugin works on multi-page sites, but has additional features for one-pager layouts.

6. StickyStack.js

StickyStack is a jQuery plugin that creates a stacking effect by sticking panels as they reach the top of the viewport.

Slinky.js is a jQuery plugin to create beautiful scrolling driven navigation lists with stacking headers that remain visible at all times.

Headroom.js is a lightweight, high-performance JS widget (with no dependencies!) that allows you to react to the user's scroll. The header on this site is a living example, it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.

Stickr.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you create multiple sticky elements on a page and comes with a robust set of options that allows anyone to make it work great on their setup.

Headtacular is a nice minimalist sticky header a jQuery plugin.As the user scrolls, the script will check if they have scrolled past the scrollPoint. If so, it will add the CSS class .is-stuck to the targeted object.

It's a simple jQuery plugin for making sticky header.

Stick Em Up is a jQuery plugin that provides easy way to determine when an element has been reached, passed, and passed back.

HC-Sticky is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that makes any element on your page float. It is used for sidebars on long pages, so they can be visible all the time user scrolls down the page, instead of an empty space visitors usually see. It is also used for floating top menus, emphasizing it to the user at all time.

stickyNavbar is a jQuery plugin that helps you stick your navigation bars to the top of the browser window during scrolling.

15. sMint

Smint is a simple jQuery plugin that helps with the navigation on one page style websites. It has 2 main elements, a sticky navigation bar that stays at the top of the page while you scroll down and menu buttons that automatically scroll the page to the section you clicked on.