10 jQuery Vimeo Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of jQuery plugins to integrate Vimeo videos in your website. These plugins allow you to create Vimeo background as video, customize them, create Vimeo videos playlists, embed them easily in your website, create animated video thumbnails and more.

1. Vimeofy

Vimeofy is a simple, lightweight jQuery plugin which uses a Vimeo video as the background of any container element.

2. Vimelar

Vimelar is a jQuery plugin that allows Vimeo videos to be used as full screen backgrounds on your websites.

Vimeo.API.js is a lightweight jQuery wrapper around the Vimeo video API which allows you to control Vimeo videos embedded in your webpage with custom jQuery methods and events.

vimeo-cover.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that helps embed a Vimeo video with custom cover image into your webpage. Only when the cover is clicked does it fetch the iframe Vimeo player.

Smart Vimeo Embed is a jQuery plugin that makes it easy to embed the Vimeo videos with thumbnails on your website, just by adding their id to the data-vimeo-id attribute. 

Compile videos from Vimeo into a chic gallery with jQuery. Unlike Youtube, Vimeo does not allow you to create custom playlists to display your videos. A plugin that creates a carousel with information coming from Vimeo when passing a list of video URLs, and videos can be seen prominently on the page. 

PreVideoLoad is a super tiny jQuery plugin that gets and displays thumbnail previews of the Vimeo videos on the web page. When you click on the play button, the preview image will be replaced by the auto playing iframe Vimeo video.

Video Lightning is a highly customizable jQuery lightbox plugin that allows you to play Vimeo videos in a stylish lightbox interface.

This video plugin for jQuery allows you to control HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo videos with the same functions and the same syntax.

10. Plyr

A simple, accessible and customizable HTML5, YouTube and Vimeo media player.

15 jQuery Sticky HTML Element Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of 15 jQuery plugins that can be used to create sticky headers, footers, sidebars or navigation. Some of the plugins in list below allow you to stick any DOM element. These plugins are light-weight and easy to integrate.

1. Headhesive

Headhesive.js creates an on-demand sticky header. Specify where you want your header to become fixed and the rest is magic.

2. Midnight

A jQuery plugin that switches between multiple header designs as you scroll, so you always have a header that looks great with the content below it.

MakeFixed.js is a jQuery plugin to dynamically set up elements to be fixed during scroll. It's lightweight and allows callback functions.

Sticky-Kit provides an easy way to attach elements to the page when the user scrolls such that the element is always visible.

5. stickUp

stickUp is a jQuery plugin that "sticks" an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling, always keeping it in view. This plugin works on multi-page sites, but has additional features for one-pager layouts.

6. StickyStack.js

StickyStack is a jQuery plugin that creates a stacking effect by sticking panels as they reach the top of the viewport.

Slinky.js is a jQuery plugin to create beautiful scrolling driven navigation lists with stacking headers that remain visible at all times.

Headroom.js is a lightweight, high-performance JS widget (with no dependencies!) that allows you to react to the user's scroll. The header on this site is a living example, it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.

Stickr.js is a jQuery plugin that helps you create multiple sticky elements on a page and comes with a robust set of options that allows anyone to make it work great on their setup.

Headtacular is a nice minimalist sticky header a jQuery plugin.As the user scrolls, the script will check if they have scrolled past the scrollPoint. If so, it will add the CSS class .is-stuck to the targeted object.

It's a simple jQuery plugin for making sticky header.

Stick Em Up is a jQuery plugin that provides easy way to determine when an element has been reached, passed, and passed back.

HC-Sticky is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that makes any element on your page float. It is used for sidebars on long pages, so they can be visible all the time user scrolls down the page, instead of an empty space visitors usually see. It is also used for floating top menus, emphasizing it to the user at all time.

stickyNavbar is a jQuery plugin that helps you stick your navigation bars to the top of the browser window during scrolling.

15. sMint

Smint is a simple jQuery plugin that helps with the navigation on one page style websites. It has 2 main elements, a sticky navigation bar that stays at the top of the page while you scroll down and menu buttons that automatically scroll the page to the section you clicked on.

10 Newest Interesting jQuery Plugins

In this post, find a compiled list of latest interesting jQuery plugins. These plugins are fresh, interesting, simple and lightweight. You may find them useful for your next project!

1. Descartes

Descartes is just over 30KB when minified and just over 300 lines of code. It's written entirely in JavaScript with its one dependency, Sizzle, baked in. It works really well with some of your favourite libraries, and especially jQuery.

2. easypin

easypin is a simple and fast jQuery image pinning plugin. There are dependencies with the library jQuery easing plugin.

3. dynamicColorPage

dynamicColorPage is a jQuery plugin that lets user change the colour style of your page dynamically. The user gets a small widget on the right hand side that can be used to change default colour, so that the appearance of the whole page will change.

4. Features.js

Feature.js is a fast, simple and lightweight browser feature detection library. It has no dependencies and weighs only 1kb minified and gzipped. Feature.js automatically initializes itself on page load, so you don’t have to. It doesn’t, however, run any tests while initializing, so it will only ever run them when you ask it to. This makes it perform very fast.

5. Adi.js

Lightweight jQuery plugin for Adblock detection.

6. screenlog.js

Ever faced a situation where you said "Why doesn't this bug show up when developer console is open!!"? And since the bug doesn't show when you have console open, you cannot do debug logging using console.log.

Enter screenlog.js. screenlog.js brings the developer console right on your screen so that you can do logging without having the developer console open.

7. Crotator

A jQuery plugin for creating a slider or content rotator. It converts the children inside any selected element into a Slider. One can define array of timeline according to which the slider will be synced. CSS animations can be used with this plugin to enhance the contents visually.

8. eventPause.js

eventPause is a tiny plugin with lots of methods to control events, so whenever you want you can pause and activate any event.

9. jQuery Sequency

jQuery Sequency is a jQuery plugin for before/after image comparison on scroll.

10. pageSwitch

pageSwitch is a javascript library to create page switch effects. It supports 121 switching animations.

10 jQuery Plugins to Enhance Tables

In this post, find a list of jQuery plugins to enhance your HTML tables. Using these plugins you can redesign your table, create a table from CSV or JSON, apply sorting and filtering the table content, freeze your table header row and create responsive tables.

1. Tabulator

Tabulator is an easy to use table generation jQuery UI Plugin. Tabulator allows you to create a table within seconds from any JSON formatted data. It is not dependent on any external CSS or images, simply include the library in your jQuery UI project and you're away!

2. KingTable

KingTable is a jQuery plugin for administrative tables that are able to build themselves on the basis of their input data. It supports client and server side pagination, client and server side search, custom filters views, and an automatic menu to hide and reorder columns and support for custom tools. Client side export feature into: CSV, JSON, and XML formats.

jQuery responsive table is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows table markup to become fully responsive. It provides a clean list view via devices with small screens. It can work for multiple tables on a single page, as well as with tables that contain various combinations of merged cells. Best of all, it uses pure CSS for the rendering.

csv2table is the jQuery plug-in that reads the CSV file, and generates an HTML table.

StickySort is a jQuery plugin for adding sticky headers and columns to your tables, complete with an extended sorting function.

Columns is an easy way of creating JSON data into HTML tables that are sortable, searchable, and paginating. All you need is to provide the data, and Columns will do the rest.

7. jsGrid

jsGrid is a lightweight client-side data grid control based on jQuery. It supports basic grid operations like inserting, filtering, editing, deleting, paging and sorting. jsGrid is tuneable and allows to customize appearance and components.

A 2kb jQuery solution for tables in responsive designs. A great way to deal with responsive tables is to reformat the related information cells into grouped blocks in mobile view.

Freezeheader is a simple jQuery plugin to freeze the header row in html table. It's also known as fixed header table.

10. WATable

WATable is a customizable jQuery table plugin with sorting, paging, filtering.

10 jQuery Plugins for Social Sharing Buttons

Social presence for any website is must. And you need to give your users a way to share the content on various social platforms. In this post, find a list of jQuery plugins to add social share buttons in your websites. These social share buttons supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linked-In. These plugins are pretty easy to understand and integrate.

1. GoodShare.js

Useful jQuery plugin that will help your website visitors share a link on social networks and micro blogs or mobile messengers. Easy to install and configuring on any of your website!

2. jumboShare

Jumbo Share is a jQuery plugin that add social share buttons on your website with a jumbo sized counter.

3. Likely

Likely is the social sharing buttons that aren't shabby. It supports Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest.

4. jsSocials

jsSocials is a simple social network sharing jQuery plugin. It's flexible and easily extensible. Configure visual appearance. Choose one of several themes provided. Add any yet unsupported social network if needed.

A jquery plugin to provide more control on social sharing buttons. Do the styling without worrying about the javascript implementation.

6. Awesome Share Button

A jQuery plugin to create social media share button with share count.

7. Cool Social Buttons

Cool Social Buttons is a jQuery plugin that adds social sharing buttons to your site without slowing it down. It is easy to use, powered by CSS3, mobile friendly and fully customizable.

jQuery prettySocial - a custom share buttons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.


Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons is built with SASS, and provides customizable responsive social share buttons.SVGs allow for tiny file size and retina support.

Share Button is simple, light, flexible, and good-looking share button. It doesn't load any iframes or extra JavaScript making the overall load time much faster. It looks simple and clean by default, and can be customized in any and every way.