jQuery Tip : Always load your jQuery framework from CDN

Here is a quick tip for the day. Always load your jQuery framework from Google, Microsoft or jQuery CDN(Content Delivery Network). As it provides several advantages.

1. You always use the latest jQuery framework.
2. It reduces the load from your server.
3. It saves bandwidth. jQuery framework will load faster from these CDN.
4. The most important benefit is it will be cached, if the user has visited any site which is using jQuery framework from any of these CDN.

Code to load jQuery Framework from Google CDN
<script  type="text/javascript"
Code to load jQuery Framework from Microsoft CDN
<script  type="text/javascript"
Code to load jQuery Framework from jQuery Site(EdgeCast CDN)
<script  type="text/javascript"

One more tip: Always use the compressed version of jQuery for final release as its size is 5 times smaller than Uncompressed version.

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