Check variable is Array using jQuery

Today for one of my functionality, I need to check whether the Java script variable is an array or not. jQuery provides a method "jQuery.isArray()" to check whether the element is Java script array or not.

jQuery.isArray() returns a boolean value that indicates whether the object is a JavaScript array or not. It takes the variable name as an argument and returns the result back to caller. See below jQuery code.

   var x = [];
   var y = [1,2,3];
   var z = 1;
   alert('x is an array: ' + $.isArray(x));
   alert('y is an array: ' + $.isArray(y));
   alert('z is an array: ' + $.isArray(z));
In the above jQuery code, I have declared 3 variables x,y and z. And out of 3, x and y variables are array where z is not. When you run this then you will see that for variable x and y it returns true and for z it returns false.

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See live Demo and Code.

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