Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Juice UI : A new library for ASP.NET Web Forms with jQuery UI

Juice UI is an open-source collection of WebForms components that brings jQuery UI Widgets to your project with ease. Start leveraging the power of the world's most popular JavaScript UI library while working with familiar code in your ASP.NET projects.

Juice UI allows you to create flexible, interactive web applications quickly. Entice your users with behaviors such as drag & drop, resizing, sorting and selecting. Build first class apps with accordions, autocompletes, datepickers, sliders, and more. Juice UI provides the simplicity needed for prototyping and the robustness needed for enterprise class production applications.

Available Controls:

Juice UI provides controls for all of the jQuery UI Widgets that are present in the current release.

To use this, one need to download the NuGet Package and install it with Visual studio. Read this post to find out how to use Juice UI with ASP.NET Application.

Note: Juice UI requires .NET 4.0. Please ensure the proper version of .NET is installed before attempting to integrate Juice UI Controls.

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