Friday, November 30, 2012

jQuery Plugin Released in late November 2012

jQuery lovers/developers are continuously releasing new jQuery Plugins. And adopting new plugins may offer better performance and new features. Today’s post will take you through jQuery Plugins released in late November 2012.

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Calendario: A Flexible Calendar Plugin

Calendario is a jQuery calendar plugin that aims to provide a suitable layout for both, small and big screens and keeping the calendar structure fluid when possible. On large screens we want to show a grid-based layout while on smaller screens, we want to simply stack the days of the month

mlens magnifying glass jQuery plugin

mlens is a jQuery plugin that creates magnifying glass functionality with ease. It allows to create magnify glass either in circle form or in Square form.


FooTable is a jQuery plugin that aims to make HTML tables on smaller devices look awesome - No matter how many columns of data you may have in them.


pickadate.js is a responsive and lightweight jQuery dateinput picker which is 70% less in size compare to jQuery UI Datepicker.

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