10 jQuery Plugins to make your website responsive

These days having a responsive website is must as many users use their smart phones to perform all their online activities, rather than desktop. So in this post, find a compiled list of 10 jQuery plugins to make your website responsive. The list includes plugins which can make your images, menu, lightbox and sliders responsive. Enjoy.

responsivelyLazy is a nice lazy loading implementation that is responsive, truly lazy and SEO friendly. It works quite well with modern browsers and also handles mobile orientation while showing the image.

2.     Responsive Multi Menu

Responsive multi menu provides easiest way to develop site with multi level navigation and user-friendly experience it has been optimized for mobile devices using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

3.     zenith-slider

Zenith slider is responsive slider jQuery plugin that comes in 4 basic layouts. 4-th layout, or slider layout, has some variations of its own, producing 3 more pre-defined sub-layouts and unlimited possibilities of styling, editing and creating some of your own variations. Zenith also comes with 7 transition animation and unlimited possibilities of styling and creating your own variations.

4.     Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox is a touch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desktop with jQuery. It’s responsive, touch friendly and easy to install.

jPicture is a jQuery plugin to load pictures on the right view port.  jPicture loads only the most fitting picture out of the picture-versions for the viewport the page is displayed on.

6.     Before-after

before-after.js is a simple and responsive image comparison slider.

FocusPoint is a jQuery plugin for responsive cropping. It dynamically crop images using focus points to fills available space without cutting out the image's subject.

8.     Respontent

Respontent is a jQuery plugin that automatically makes your user generated content responsive. It supports images, YouTube videos, Google map and tables.

9.     fontFlex

fontFlex is a lightweight jQuery plugin for dynamically changing font sizes according to screen / browser width. Intended to be used with responsive or adaptive CSS layouts.

10.                         PgwMenu

PgwMenu is a responsive menu for jQuery with following features. It’s fully responsive, customizable, SEO compliant and smaller in size.

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